How to Build and Sustain Momentum in Business

Discover how to create and sustain momentum in your business with limited resources. 

What's holding you back from achieving momentum in your business?

There will be many unique reasons people will have, HOWEVER, there are some UNIVERSAL FOUNDATIONS ALL BUSINESSES NEED to create and sustain momentum long term.  

Discover which one you might need to sharpen up to create momentum in our new short, online program.

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Discover and Solidify the Key Foundations of
Creating and Sustaining Momentum in Your Business.

Momentum should be a key goal of any leader.

It occurs when all the strategies and tactics, all the energy and passion you inject into building your culture and team on a daily basis, culminate into thrusting your organisation towards achieving your vision.  

It’s the wind in your sails and you and your team feel invincible!

Momentum isn’t created by a single event, but it’s the accumulation of the many strategic, and also often the little but deliberate things we do as the leader and a team on a regular basis, over and over again.


 8 x 10 minute video lessons with Peter.


30 minutes per lesson to watch one video and complete the hands on worksheet.


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What you'll learn in this short, online program.

Part 1
How to Create and Sustain
Personal Momentum as the Leader.

Momentum all starts and ends with the leader.
In Part 1, you'll cover what you personally need to be focussing on and the strategies that will help you fuel personal momentum. 

Part 2
How to Create and Sustain
Momentum in Your Team.

You can't build anything great on your own.
Part 2 takes you through eleven highly effecitve and easily implementable strategies that will help you create a highly engaged and high performing team with a natural rhythm and flow that produces real results.

Hi, I'm Peter Cox, your course instructor.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than three decades. 

After a stint in corporate Australia, myself and my wife, Debbie, established our own sales business in 1988 which has now expanded into 29 countries with a sales force of 15,000. 

Off the back of this success and after several requests from business owners, I launched Leadership Dynamics in 2003.  In this business I've worked alongside SME's, CEO’s, Company Directors, and Professional Sporting Coaches and their key leaders, implementing my highly sought-after Leadership Dynamics Process. 


This process helps grow the right leadership
thinking and
behaviours of leaders and their key
people to grow their level of influence to develop
a high performance team –  a critical component to maximise your business performance, growth and momentum.

Over the last 34 years, I've also spoken to over
30 million people globally on how to grow your
leadership to fuel the results of you and your people.

30 Minutes 

8 x 10 minute on demand video modules with Peter.

Only 30 minutes
per week to watch one video and complete the worksheet to apply what you've learned.

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E-books & Resources

Free resources to help you implement what you learn into your own business.

Put the theory into action.

Ready to start creating and sustaining momentum in your business?

Discover the key strategies you and your team need to focus upon to grow a tidal wave of momentum you will be riding for years to come in our short online program.










18 highly effective and practical strategies.
30+ years of practical life and business learnings.
Practical resources to help get you ON your business to create momentum.
Monthly live, virtual community events.
Lifetime access to the program and the Hour of Power with Coxey.

Don’t take our word for it. 
Listen what my students are saying.

Over the last 12 months my revenue has probably doubled but more than that, I feel like I have clarity around where I'm going I have more focus. I'm more inspired and more excited. My days are far less hectic.
I have time to really think about where I'm going and what I'm doing and think strategically my clients are getting way better results like completely transformed my clients results within my business and what we're doing here. 

 Founder, SM Unstuck

The most amazing thing was the Leadership Dynamics process allowed us to actually turn our business around in the three year period - back to best profits that we've ever had, after 25 years in business.

I feel that when you run your own business and you're wearing every hat you can, you don't think about the little things that can improve what you're doing and the Leadership Dynamic process made such a huge difference to us. We didn't realise we were lacking in Leadership. We thought we're just lacking in energy and enthusiasm and I think for any business, you can't afford not to do this,

Co-Owner, Aris Building Services 

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