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Are you bursting with goals and dreams for your life right now?

But you don't know where to start? Or you're stuck in a holding pattern?

Every dream is built upon the same foundations for success. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

Discover these dream foundations and also reasons why people DON'T achieve their dreams and how you can avoid them, from global leadership and dream maker guru of 30 years, Peter Cox (Coxey), and make 2022 YOUR year.

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What you'll learn

Peter designed this program because he knows how much dreams matter - they're what fuels you, they're what gives you your purpose. The contents of this module have come from 30+ years of Peter building his own businesses and achieving the dreams that burned inside him, and from leading people and teams across the globe, to help them achieve theirs.

Part 1: The Essential Groundwork

Your dream drops PASSION in your guts but dreams aren’t just built upon motivation and willpower alone or even work ethic.  These 3 things won’t get you there no matter how hard you try.

In Part 1, Peter will take you through each of the foundations you need to have in place to achieve your goals and dreams, despite what the world throws at you.

Part 2: What Holds People Back From Achieving Their Dreams

In Part 2, Peter will cover the universal truths why people DON’T achieve their dreams and, what you can do to avoid these.

Hi, I'm Peter Cox (Coxey), your course instructor.

I've been an entrepreneur for more than three decades.

One of my businesses is now in 29 countries with a sales force of over 15,000 and an annual turnover of approx $20mn USD

Since 2003 in Leadership Dynamics, I've worked alongside Business Owners, CEO’s, Company Directors, and Professional Sporting Coaches and their key leaders, implementing my highly sought after Leadership Dynamics process to enable them to achieve the dreams and goals they have for their professional and personal lives.

To date, I've spoken to over 30 million people world wide on leadership and how to achieve your goals and dreams.

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Working with Peter has been refreshing. And I really say that in all its honesty, he's bluntness, his directness, he's feedback, his advice, his criticism, he's, you know, solutions and that's really probably the best word that I can use. For you, as a leader, are some of the best that I've had.

 Founder & Director, Calico Jagger

After starting doing some work with leadership dynamics, probably two things surprised me most Firstly, probably how open and honest I was, and how quickly was to trust Peter going through this process really made you look at your own qualities and your own leadership and look at what you could do to improve.

Owner, One Well Being, Player for Wests Tigers NRL Team

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