Got people problems in your business?

Start seeing your team transform in as little as
3 months.

Leading people can be really tough, but this masterclass will make it loads less stressful, way more productive and more fun.


Welcome to the
High Performance Team Masterclass.

Get your hands on 30+ years of Peter Cox’s business leadership experience and intel to grow and lead a high performance team.

It's distilled down into a simple, 12 module, step by step process that’s produced amazing results for ourselves and thousands of other business owners. Our clients grow up to 400% using this process.

It’s not complicated.  There's no assignments or exams. Just watch a 10 minute video at e.g. lunch, jot down the key things that stood out for you and use the resources we've given you to start applying it straight into your business. 

Are you ready to have a thriving team around you who turn up and get down to business?  Ready to start growing a team who cares about your business as much as you do? 

"When I first started with Leadership Dynamics, I wasn't growing, I was stressed, I was overwhelmed. I wasn't enjoying what I was doing. I didn't know how to inspire people to take action and to move forward themselves.

Then in the last 12 months, all of that has changed so dramatically. My revenue has probably doubled but more than that, I feel like I have clarity around where I'm going.  I have more focus. I'm more inspired and more excited. My days are far less hectic. I have time to really think about where I'm going and what I'm doing and think strategically and my clients are completely transformed by what we're now doing here, thanks to Peter."

Sarah Anne Black, Founder, SM Unstuck

Is This Masterclass For You?

➲ Are people problems one of your biggest headaches in your business? Do you waste a great deal of time  and money dealing with them?

➲ Is your business stuck in a rut and not getting to where you want to go?

➲ Do you spend too much time and money on finding and keeping the right people?

➲ Are you unsure how to even find the right people for your business?

➲ Does your team miss alot of deadlines or constantly blow the budget?

➲ Are you struggling to create a thriving team environment?

➲ Are you unsure of how to get your people engaged with the Vision you have for the business?

➲ Have you got alot of "Seat Warmers"?

➲ Do you feel like your team doesn’t really listen to you?

➲ Do you find it difficult to keep your people accountable to what you need them to do?

➲ Are you always putting out “spot fires” that you never have time to think strategically and be ON your business?

➲ Do you feel like you can’t trust anyone to take care of the business like you do so you can’t take a break?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then our
High-Performance Team Masterclass can help you.

The Outcomes of This Masterclass For You.


You’re only an effective leader if you have influence. Being the owner of the business doesn’t give you influence. You only have influence when your people WANT to follow you. Learn some simple strategies to create a team who is 100% committed to you as the leader and the Vision you have for the business.  No more dragging people behind you. No more "Seat Warmers", no more missing deadlines and budget blow outs.


Employee engagement, (i.e. how personally invested your team are in the business), drives their performance BUT according to Gallup Research, 50% of your employees are NOT engaged! (Gallup 2023).

This masterclass will show you how to get every team member crystal clear on your Vision for the business, their role in achieving it and actually care about it, and empower them to go and do it to the best of their ability for you.


Stop missing deadlines and blowing budgets due to unreliable or poor performing staff. Have the confidence and trust that your team will turn up each day and deliver what you need them to deliver and without the micromanaging.  


Your communication skills are critical for you to grow your team and your business - it’s all in what you say, how you say it and when you say it. You’ll earn how to ensure your message cuts through, resonating with your team and truly connects you and your people to produce the results you want.


We’ll show you strategies and processes that will free up your time to think strategically about your business and plan for the future (not just caught up in the day to day busyness).

You’ll get a clear leadership roadmap and we’ll show you how to grow a strong team around you to help you lead your business to where you want it to go.


Your culture is the heartbeat of your business - good or bad! It drives the thinking and behaviours of you and your people. We’ll show you how to grow and lead a happy, caring, accountable, high-performance culture where you and your people excel and thrive together, always striving to improve what you do, staying ahead of the game.

Happy, highly skilled people attract people attract high performing team members and attract profitable clients because your team produce world-class work and it’s evident you all enjoy what you do.


The recruitment of and keeping the right people is one of the biggest frustrations and time and money wasters in business. We’ll show you how to save countless hours and resources in recruitment, and the frustration caused by hiring the wrong person, by knowing who is a good fit for the business, the team and the role and teach you strategies to keep them with you for the long term.


This masterclass will show you how to grow a team of hungry, high performing leaders around you who you can delegate to, and, who can complement your skillset, so the business doesn’t rely solely on you. 

How nice would that feel? To have more time to spend on the business and more time with the people you love and the other things you like doing. Remember those?

How good would it be to have more choice and freedom that owning your business should bring - the reason why you started it in the first place?


Being in business is tough and often lonely and sometimes, your people are struggling too. We’ll show you how to grow your thinking and keep you and your team climbing together, even through the extremely challenging times.  Plus, Peter is world renowned and sought after for his empowering style - he'll build you up like few can do.

What’s Involved.

Video Modules

There are 12 modules.
Each module has up to 3 x 10 minute video modules. 
Watch a 10 minute video and jot down the key points that stood out for you.
Great to do at lunch time for 30 minutes by yourself or with your key leaders.
Go at your own pace.

Practical Workbooks.

This is where it gets real.

These are specifically designed to get you to apply the theory you’ve just learned to your own business.  It’s practical, to the point and really challenges you to think about what you need to focus on in your own business now and to start making plans to address them.

It’s up to you how long you spend on it, but you’re probably looking at around 30 minutes per video module, sometimes more, sometimes less.

There's no assignments or exams, just practical knowledge and the resources to implement it.

Key Learnings and Actionable Tactics.

Each module outlines some key tactics for you to implement and there’s a summary of all the key learnings for each video, which is helpful to revise what you just heard on each video.

Your Priority Action Plan.

After you’ve completed a module, we’ve given you a Priority Action Plan to help you narrow your key priorities down to your top 3 and then develop an accountable plan for you to address and implement them. 

It stops any overwhelm, giving you clarity on your next steps.


To help you apply what you've learned, we've given you some resources including one on one templates, formal documents for your business and team members, and presentation outlines, with instructions for how to use each one effectively.

Exclusive Bonuses.

Bonus #1

Access to the coveted "The Hour of Power with Coxey"

Every member of the High Performance Team Masterclass has access to live online community sessions with Peter – “The Hour of Power with Coxey” where Peter, in his unique, infectious and energetic style, will empower and challenge you with strong mindset thinking, tools, and tactics to help you grow and maintain an empowered and resilient mindset. He'll also teach effective leadership skills and strategies, and often interviews leading business owners.

100's join us from all over the world.  Why not you too!?

Value: $1,200 p.a

Bonus #2

E-copies of Peter's Two Books

Get your hands on "The Dream is Everything" and "Your Business Shouldn't Need You".
In these, Peter talks about the principles and strategies that helped him realise his dream from having only $11 in the bank, to leading a business that's now in 29 countries, with a sales force of over 15,000.

These same principles have also helped thousands of businesses owners globally.

Two cracking reads.

Value: $40.

Bonus #3

Two Bonus Short Masterclasses.

We you sign up for the High Performance Team Masterclass, we'll give you two extra online masterclasses - "How to Create and Sustain Momentum in your Business", and "Dream Foundations".   

Value: $64.90

Know Your Mentor, Peter Cox.

I've been an entrepreneur for more than three decades. 

In 1988, I and my wife, Debbie, established our own sales & marketing business which has now expanded into 29 countries. Our success is largely attributed to diligently and consistently applying key leadership principles to continually grow the leadership potential of ourselves and our people. 

My mission has always been to build stronger leaders so they can live better lives, and as a result, in 2003, I established Leadership Dynamics after receiving many requests from other business owners to do in their business what I'd done in mine.  In Leadership Dynamics I share my global leadership experience with businesses and professional sporting organisations to help them achieve the vision they have for their lives and their organisations.


My Leadership Dynamics process has brought significant growth to my clients:

· Get My Course went from 15 to 100 team members, growing 400% above budget for 3 consecutive years, and became ranked the 66th fastest-growing start-up in Australia in 2023. 

· A Sydney Development Company will achieve $700 million in revenue this year, up from $70 million, after 7 years.

· A Queensland Painting Business (300+ staff) has grown from $60million+ to nearly $100million with other business entities over the last 4 years.

· A Sydney Cyber Security Business has recently sold for $34 million in its 10th year.

· A Canberra-based Construction Business achieved their best profits ever in 3 years after 25 years in business.

· A Sydney-based Microsoft Provider had a record year this year, after 32 years in business.

(FYI: The above results were achieved through our Leadership Dynamics process that this masterclass teaches you.)      

I have worked alongside Business Owners, CEO’s, Company Directors, and Professional Sporting Coaches and their key leaders, implementing my highly sought after Leadership Dynamics process.

I help companies grow their leadership thinking and behaviours to build their level of influence and to develop a winning team culture – key factors to maximise business performance and growth.

Learn the Leadership Dynamics process for yourself in our flagship online masterclass.

What You'll Cover Together with Peter.


If you enrol in this program, you’re wanting to change something in your business. Change is never easy but this module (and the entire program) will give you the strategies you need to successfully bring you and your people through the changes you need to make to set your business up for future success for years to come.


Are you leadable? Are you accountable to someone so you can be accountable to your team? Push the boundaries and challenge yourself through this module to give you the right questions to ask so you can find the right people to help lead you at this stage in your career. Beside every successful business owner is a wiser and more experienced mentor.

Every. Time.

This is a very powerful process that will serve you well and this module will show you where to start and get the most out of it.


Your Vision is what you want your future business to look like. It’s the destination upon which everything should be focussed on.

In this module, really explore where you see yourself in a few years - feel what that feels like - think and live in that moment. This module will help you dream big, get really clear on where you want to go, and then arm you with strategies to fire up your team to achieve it with you.


When your people know what you expect from them, it significantly increases their engagement in your business. But only 50% of employees know what’s expected of them! (Gallup Poll, 2023).

In this module, we’re building our boundaries on ourselves and our team to build the right foundations which we are all accountable to. You’ll build a clear framework for you and every employee to follow.


Influence is everything. Being the boss, or a job description doesn’t make you a leader. Influence does. You can’t lead your business without it. You need influence to drive your expectations to achieve your Vision. This is a really important stage 2 module to help you grow into an effective leader.

Module 6 will take a deep dive into influence building best practices. Becoming an effective leader is one who grows leaders and that will bring anyone one step closer to them watching their business work without them all the time.


Systems and processes guide our people but it’s the people who grow businesses and when the leadership grows the people grow, their behaviours change, the culture strengthens, and performance lifts. This is all achieved through the One-On-One Process. These modules will give you an excellent understanding of the process, how to set up and how to execute them effectively. It’s such a great check in mechanism. Your people are everything and represent your brand daily. With Vision alignment and expectations clear by frequent inspections, you’ll grow accountability, respect, loyalty and trust from your employees. 


Culture! This is the heartbeat of the business. It takes effective leadership to build a winning team culture. You need the right balance between a family culture and a high-performance culture. The behaviours and values of the business will drive its essence and vibe. A happy vibe is happy people and happy people help people and give their best for your clients and the business. This module will show you how to create the optimum team culture and open you up to the measuring of the culture of your business.


These modules build upon Module 9. When you create true unity and harmony in your business, not only does it grow your culture and turn your people into absolute weapons, but it also allows you to have greater focus on your business as you don’t need to spend as much time in it.

These modules take a deep dive into strategies and tactics to build unity and harmony in your team. Learn how to build belief and trust in your people, learn how to truly understand who your people are and how to determine if they’re a right fit for the role and the team, learn how to know what motivates your people and then how to use this information to power a winning performance for you. It’s all about your people! Happy people help people and happy people in the right culture perform at their best for you.

Are you ready to invest $997 in yourself and your business?

Business owners love us.

Trusted by 1,000+ businesses and leaders around the globe.

The Value and Your Investment.

Video Modules

Videos with Peter x 36
=$3,600 value

Workbooks and Support Materials

12 workbooks, Key Learnings, Tactics,  Priority Action Plans and Resources
= $1,395 value

The Hour of Power with Coxey

Our live community events.
= $1,200p.a.

Total Value to You

$6,195 AUD

Your Investment

A one off payment of $997 AUD

plus lifetime access to The Hour of Power with Coxey.

I don't think I have time to fit this in.....

You only need 30 minutes each week until you complete the masterclass.

When you start implementing some of the strategies in the program you’ll save between 10% - 50% of your time currently spent on your business.

Save time in recruitment.

Learn a process that can halve your involvement in recruitment.

Learn how to put the right people in each role the first time.

Learn how to KEEP the right people, avoiding repeating the process.

Save time putting out “bushfires” and dealing with conflict.

You’ll learn how to grow a winning team culture – where high performing people enjoy working with each other to produce an amazing end product or service.

In-fighting and gossip are minimised and make way for you having more time to focus on your role of growing the business, instead of dealing with conflict and the disruption it causes.

Save time by delegating.

You’re going to learn how to raise up leaders around you, who you trust, who you can delegate tasks to.

Learn how to raise up leaders to take care of business for you so you can take a holiday longer than a few days without constantly checking your phone. Nice hey?!

A small time investment now is going to save you one hundred fold in the near future.

“The Leadership Dynamics process has enabled us to really elevate ourselves as leaders, and it’s elevated the team around us.  ….. everyone in the business feels more empowered and therefore more accountable and is better at what they do. The value that we’ve got has been quite overwhelming.”

Simon McKay
Managing Director & Co-founder, InfoTrust

"Peter has made a huge impact to the growth of our business- the way that we run our business, and the way that we lead our staff. It's been an amazing process to have him on board and have him help us grow our business, help us grow as individuals as individual leaders. We now are much more effective as leaders as business owners, and we're much happier in our lives and  our team are much happier and so is our bottom line."

Michael Ridland
Founder, XAM Consulting

"Since implementing the Leadership Dynamics process in our business we’ve grown our Managed Services year on year by 400% and for the past two years, we haven’t had a single person leave, something unheard of in our industry."

Sam Vakilli

After doing the program, you'll be able to...

Lead with influence and clarity. 

Your team won’t just like to work for you, they’ll LOVE it.
There’s a big, big difference in performance outcomes between the two.

Get ON your business, instead of stuck IN it.

You’ll gain back up to 30% – 50% of your time when you start implementing what you learn-  time that you can use to think deeply and strategically about your business (the masterclass will guide your thinking in this area too).

Grow the morale and resilience levels of you and your team.

You’ll learn how to grow inner strength and energy to keep climbing together and overcome challenges you face. 

Grow a team who enjoy working with each other and who excel at what they do. 

How good would it be to have peace and harmony in the office and your people just focus on producing great results for you…..? 

“Cherry pick” profitable clients.

 Because you and your team produce world-class work and you’re great to work with, you’ll have people flocking to your door.
Imagine that – no more putting up with difficult clients just to make ends meet

Place the right people in the right roles and keep them working for you. 

Think of all the time and money you’d save on recruitment and retention right now…….it would be life changing......

Grow a business that doesn’t rely solely on you. 

You’ll learn how to raise up a team of leaders around you, who you trust to take care of business.
Have more choice and freedom that owning a business should bring.  

“I've worked with quite a few mentors in my time and Peter has been the most impressive to me as a female in empowerment. He's quite a powerful communicator, he cuts through and not only for myself, but the people in my team. I saw a difference the minute they walked out of the meeting room."

Vanessa Richards
Founder, Calico Jagger

“The biggest thing about Peter's process is making young men, young ladies and even growing executives at CEO levels and administration levels to be better at what they're doing and grow an organisation."

Michael Maguire
Head Coach, Wests Tigers NRL and NZ Kiwis International Team

"The most amazing thing following the Leadership Dynamics process was that it allowed us to turn our business around in the three year period back to best profits that we've ever had, after 25 years in business."

Jo Arvonen
Co-Owner, Aris Building Services

“Some people light a spark.

My friend Peter fires your rocket.” 

Dorsey M Deaton
Founder/Owner, Deaton Global

Why this program is unique.


It’s designed for business owners and their people by a global business owner and entrepreneur of 30+ years experience.

Peter has many runs on the board in helping people grow leadership and businesses for over 20+ years in Leadership Dynamics and Peter’s other business of 34 years which  is now in 29 countries with a sales force of over 15,000 (he also sits on several Boards) so he knows the time pressures and commitments of owning a business and what it takes to be successful.  

What you'll learn - the Leadership Dynamics Process - has been tried, tested and refined over and over again in real time, in real businesses and teams.

The masterclass will teach you the Leadership Dynamics process in small digestable modules you can slot into your week.


No one does leadership like Coxey.

Peter Cox’s, (aka. “Coxey) unique and empowering style, along with his leadership wisdom and strategies, are what his clients keep coming back for.  Once you tune into a masterclass session with him, you’ll know what we mean. 

No one does leadership like Coxey. No one can empower you like he can.

Leadership is not just a part of what he does, it's all he does. That's why he's one of the top leadership experts on the planet.


It’s simple and it’s practical.  

It’s not just theory you take in and forget. The materials have you thinking deeply about where you need to take action and then gives you strategies and resources to move forward.

"The most amazing thing was that the Leadership Dynamics process allowed us to turn our business around in the three year period back to best profits that we've ever had, after 25 years in business. 

I feel that when you run your own business and you're wearing every hat you can you don't think about the little things that can improve what you're doing and the Leadership Dynamics process made such a huge difference to us. We didn't realise we were lacking in leadership. We thought we're just lacking in energy and enthusiasm, and I think for any business, you can't afford not to do this, because we all need to be led by someone."

Jo Arvonen, Co-Founder, Aris Building Services

Get a refund, no questions asked!

If at all you are unhappy with this course, you can cancel anytime within 14 days of Purchase and get a full refund.

No awkward questions or complicated ‘Terms and Conditions’ applied.

Just send an email on & your purchase will be cancelled and the money will be refunded.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re not happy with your purchase of the High Performance Team Fundamentals program within the first 60 days, we’ll refund your money no questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the High Performance Team Masterclass?

It is an online leadership program that encompasses Peter Cox’s Leadership Dynamics process, built on over 30+ years experience successfully leading and growing his own businesses since 1988 and helping his clients do the same, since 2003. It stimulates and motivates your thinking when it comes to leadership, teaching you proven, world-class leadership principles, strategies, and tactics you can immediately implement into your own business. 

What is included in each module?

Each module contains:

2 – 3 x 10-minute video modules from Peter.

The module workbook and key learning notes to help you apply what you’ve learned to your own business.

A Priority Action Plan to assist you in planning how to implement the key priorities you identified in the module and to keep you accountable to do them.

Key Tactics and Resources to help you implement the strategies in the module.

Access to the private Leading4Growth Team and Community to ask questions and for support.

A bi-monthly Leading4Growth Community live online mindset and leadership sessions with Peter – ” The Hour of Power with Coxey”

Is the program for me?

Peter has worked with both large and small organisations, from plumbers to banks, from medium-sized law firms to large building companies, from professional golfers to professional sporting teams. Peter has taken his years of successfully leading people and designed the program specifically for leaders, like yourself. In every module you’re provided with all the strategies and tools you’ll need to get ON your business and ON your team, instead of caught up IN it.

Your Leadership impacts everything so if you would like to build upon your current leadership capabilities and become the kind of leader you want to be to take your business or team, to where you want it to go, then the High Performance Team Masterclass is for you. 

Do you offer team discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer reduced subscription rates depending on the number of your people you’d like to sign up.

Contact us ( and we’ll send you a special team price. 

How is the High Performance Team Masterclass delivered?

Upon enrolment, you’ll receive all the 12 modules of the program. 

All the course materials, downloads and instructions are provided in a Members Only site that you will have access to once you register. Our website is optimised for all mobile devices so no matter how, when or where you like to learn, we’ve got you covered. Too easy. 

What are my payment options?

You can pay by Credit Card. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you’re not happy with the program for any reason, we’ll refund you the full amount, no questions asked in the first 2 months.

I have other questions I'd like clarifed, how can I reach support?

Our team is here to support you!

Email us at

We’re only too happy to answer any questions you may have.

Loved by businesses worldwide.

Talk to a program advisor.

If you'd prefer to speak with one of our friendly team about the High Performance Team Masterclass, please leave your details and we'll get in touch and answer any questions you have.

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